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From: Alex
Subject: Father's LoveA Father's LoveChapter 1By Alex MTyler stared out of the window of the plane as it started rolling away from
the gate. He could see his aunt from the window wiping tears 7 14 loli pics
away from her
eyes as she waved to him. It was only a month ago that his mother was
coming back from this very same airport and was killed by a drunk
driver. Her funeral was three days later. Tyler's whole class came with
their parents to be there for him but no one could comfort him. The only
parent he had ever known was gone.He grew up little young latin prelolita quickly being the only child of a single parent family. His
mother had moved him to Northern Minnesota when he was just a baby, and
while many of his friends spent hours in front of video games, he had work
to do. He never thought of it as a burden that was placed on him, he was
simply used to hard work. Afternoons were spent splitting and stacking
wood, laundry and homework. Tyler liked to stay active even though he was
never good at sports; he had other things to do than chase balls around a
field. All of his hard work turned him into a very mature 13 year old. His
body had just come into puberty the year before; muscles growing and a
deepening voice. He didn't have to shave yet but he wasn't in a hurry to
start that, and at 5'2" he was still waiting for his growth spurt to kick
in.He leaned back his seat as soon as the flight attendant said it was okay
and poked around the little blue bag the airline gave him for his meal.
His stomach was full of butterflies as he contemplated what was going to
happen that day; flying to San Diego to meet his father. He had never met
his father before and really didn't understand why he couldn't just stay
with his aunt and uncle. His parents had dated a bit in high school but
lost touch when they went to college. His mom never told him about Tyler
until he was 2 years old. She never told Tyler much about his father
except when a new pair of shoes or a new jacket would elicit "This is from
your father" referring to child support.As he reached the halfway point in his flight his thoughts drifted from his
mother to who his father might be. He 7 14 loli pics
had no picture, no personal facts
about him, just that his name is David. He wondered if he looked more like
his mom or his dad. Was his dad short like him? A thousand questions
raced through his mind as the pilot announced that they were beginning
their decent into San Diego. Tyler put his seatbelt back on and gave his
trash to the attendant.It seemed to take forever for the plane to finally reach the terminal and
for people to start leaving. Tyler finally got up and struggled to pull
his bag down from the overhead compartment. A tall guy wearing a UCSD
Athletics XL sweatshirt gave him a hand in removing his bag and ruffled his
hair as Tyler said thanks. Getting off the plane he was amazed to see how
many people were milling around the waiting area. Being in an airport was
not something Tyler had ever done before 10yo lolita nude pic and to make it more stressful, he
didn't even know who he was looking for. The UCSD guy patted him on the
back and said, "Welcome to California" as he watched the little guy observe
the crowd."You need to pick up your luggage?" he asked Tyler imagining how
intimidated the young boy was.Tyler could only nod yes and started to walk with him down the hallway to
the stairs. Once he was at the bottom he saw someone in a black suit
holding a sign with his name on it "Tyler Whitter.""That's me," he said pointing, "That's my name."With UCSD's hand still on his shoulder he walked up to the man and
introduced himself. The man and UCSD made small talk for a moment and then
introduced himself to Tyler."I'm Chip, I work for your dad. I'll take you back to the house."Once they picked up the baggage Chip led them out to the bus lolita best teen paysites parking area
and up to a black Lexus limo. Tyler couldn't believe ranchi bbs pthc lolita his eyes as Chip
opened the door for him. He'd never seen such a cool car. Now Tyler was
no country bumpkin but growing up in Grand Rapids, Minnesota home to only
8,000 other frozen souls had never exposed him to such luxury. As Chip
rounded the front of the car and climbed in he asked Tyler if he was hungry
to which he said no. Tyler scooted up the seat to the window between the
front and back of the limo and talked with Chip the whole time as they
meandered through the hills of San Diego along the coast. Finally the car
slowed down and Chip announced, "Here we are."Tyler looked out of his window and was blown away by the size of the
house. They pulled up into a large circular driveway and Chip got out.
Tyler's door opened and he stepped out into the California sun for the
first time ever. As Chip opened the trunk a man came out of the house and
smiled at Tyler."Welcome to San Diego Tyler, I am Russell the house manager. If there is
anything you need at anytime, just let me know." He shook Tyler's hand,
grabbed his bags along with Chip and they headed into the house. The doors
opened up into a huge foyer with curved staircases leading up to the second
and third floors. As they climbed, Russell told Tyler that his father was
called to an unexpected meeting and that he should be getting home in about
an hour. Russell showed Tyler his room and Chip left saying that he was
going to David's office in case he got out earlier. The room was great
with a view that shocked Tyler; right below his window was the Pacific
Ocean with beaches and people all over. "My deepest condolence on your
mother's passing, and let me know if there is anything else I can get for
you. If you need me I'll be in the kitchen, downstairs to the left of the
foyer and there is a pool in the back if you would like to go swimming."Tyler explored practically every room and found everything from a library,
a game room and a sauna. He went back upstairs to pull on his suit but
just as he was heading up the stairs he heard a voice call out his name. He
turned and saw a tall guy standing with Chip wearing a pair of shorts and a
t-shirt by the front door. His first thought was his dad's trainer or
gardener or something as he walked back down the steps, extended his hand
and said "Hi, I'm Tyler."The man looked at Tyler's hand and got down on his knee and said "Hi Tyler,
I'm free teen lolita pics David... your dad." Tyler was a little shocked and for good
reason. Here he was meeting his own dad for the first time. He didn't know
why but all of a sudden he started to get choked up. Tyler swallowed hard,
his eyes started to tear up as emotion overcame him. David quickly leaned
forward and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him into a tight hug. He
could feel his son's tears wetting his shirt. He told Chip to put his
things away and Russell quickly disappeared into the kitchen leaving them
alone in the large stone foyer with Tyler's crying echoing off the walls
and into his David's shoulder.David had never felt anyone cling so tightly too him before. He couldn't
believe that this was his son, the one whom he had never met, right here in
his arms. David got a little choked up as well. Tyler's grip was not
lightening up at all so he picked him up and carried him through the
library to the patio. He sat on a bench with his son and hugged him.Tyler's crying began to subside but he didn't let go of his grasp around
his father's neck. There was something very comforting about the heavy
arms around him. He was sitting on his father's strong legs and his head
was against a very powerful neck. Everything about him made Tyler feel
safe and secure. Everything was changing so quickly for Tyler, loosing his
mother, moving. He had been feeling very vulnerable and lost but not right
now. Right now he felt like he was going to be okay.**As always guys, I'd love to hear your thoughts!**
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